Mermaid Soleil

Mermaid Soleil, was born on the Great Lakes of Michigan, but from a very young age felt called to explore the world and the waters. Her true love has been, and shall always be the ocean and the life therein! She hopes to someday be able to say she has swam the seven seas, and every distinguished body of water!

Her many years in Hawaii grew an even deeper appreciation and love for pod life during her morning dolphin swims. Learning to breathe and dive by their side was truly a wonderful experience. The art of their movement has stayed with her as she has grown into her mermaid life.

She hopes through her love of swimming, and many arts such as photography, to bring others into this enchanted world, and that by meeting a real mermaid, and/ or sharing in her passion for the waters through her reflections of video and photography that she shall be a voice, a vision, for this beauty so worthy to become guardians of.

After all, this is the purpose of the merfolk… to be a protector for the waters.

As Mermaid Soleil sojourns the globe she would love to meet you! Be sure to Contact Mermaid Soleil for your special event, and or to feature a mermaid in your creative works.

Mermaid Kisses and Starfish Wishes!