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Sojourn Soleil
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Check out my new website for more about my journey as a traveling mermaid! Did you know I am a cosmic cowgirl too!?! Read more about how I traveled around America with my... Read More

Welcome to Mermaid Elle
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Welcome to my site! On my site I’ll be sharing my mermaid adventures. I will work on other things too, such as limiting plastic and working with animals. I am Mermaid Elle! Thanks... Read More

New Mertailor Tail
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I got a new tail for my Birthday! My oldest Seastar (Sister) brought it to me from The Mertailor shop in Florida. We met up at Crooked Lake in Michigan for a photo... Read More

Mer Family
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I traveled to Frankenmuth, Michigan to meet with my oldest Seastar Mermaid Soleil for my first official swim as a mermaid in my tail. We gathered together at Splash Village, as it was... Read More

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